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One more line crossed, one more mystery explained.

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More about The Aerosol Grey MachineThe Aerosol Grey Machine "After a "Top Gear" build up like that, they can't really go wrong".
More about The Least We Can Do is Wave to Each OtherThe Least We Can Do is Wave to Each Other "Fantastic! Marvellous! Wonderful! Incredible!".
More about H to HeH to He, who am the only one "They're the kind of band who might have invented stereo had it not existed already".
More about Pawn HeartsPawn Hearts "I have to confess complete ignorance of precisely what Van der Graaf Generator are trying to achieve".
More about The Long HelloThe Long Hello "Wuz I conned?"
More about Fool's MateFool's Mate "I was not making a typical rock music "singer makes a bid for solo stardom", but simply having fun playing little tunes. It's a pop record.
More about Chameleon in the Shadow of the NightChameleon in the Shadow of the Night "...the most difficult album I've ever had to write about".
More about The Silent Corner and the Empty StageThe Silent Corner and the Empty Stage "Not sure what half of it is about but who cares?"
More about In CameraIn Camera "...this should be a hit album, but unfortunately, I doubt if it will be".
More about Nadir's Big ChanceNadir's Big Chance "Don't ignore this one".
More about OverOver "I just don't like your album, mate".
More about GodbluffGodbluff "...this album is the sound of the mid-seventies: uncomfortable, coherent, unremitting, courageous".
More about Still LifeStill Life "..smart ass existentialist one liners..."
More about World RecordWorld Record "All the world's a stage...So when do we get a new script?"
More about The Quiet ZoneThe Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome "Humalonga Hammill".
More about VitalVital Live at The Marquee.

"The fact that Van der Graaf is alive and still exists is amazing"

More about The Future NowThe Future Now First Peter Hammill solo album after 1978 split.
VdGG post 2005:
Present ImagePresent VdGG double album released on 25th April 2005.
Trisector ImageTrisector VdGG album released on 17th March 2008.
Grounding ImageA Grounding In Numbers VdGG album released on 14th March 2011.
ALT ImageALT VdGG instrumental album released on 25th June 2012.
Do Not Disturb ImageDo Not Disturb VdGG studio album released on 30th September 2016.

Album68-71 VdGG Compilation.
AlbumReflection VdGG Compilation - German equivalent of 68-71.
AlbumTime Vaults "Anti-compilation" - the 'lost' VdGG period between Pawn Hearts and Godbluff.
AlbumRock Heavies VdGG Compilation.
AlbumVision Peter Hammill Compilation.
AlbumRepeat Performance VdGG Compilation.
AlbumFirst Generation VdGG Compilation.
AlbumSecond Generation VdGG Compilation.
AlbumNow and Then "VdGG" Compilation.
AlbumI Prophesy Disaster VdGG Compilation.
AlbumThe Peel Sessions Peter Hammill Live at the BBC.
AlbumMaida Vale Van der Graaf Generator Live at the BBC.
AlbumThe Union Chapel Concert Guy Evans and Peter Hammill Live at the Union Chapel
(with Dave Jackson, Hugh Banton and others).
More about An IntroductionAn Introduction - From The Least to the Quiet Zone. Compilation to promote The Box
More about The BoxThe Box 4 CD set - a must!
DVD frontMasters from the Vaults DVD DVD and CD of 1972 Belgian TV recording of Theme One and Lighthousekeepers.
DVD frontGodbluff DVD DVD of 1975 Belgian TV recording of Godbluff.
(Also features the Masters footage above)
AlbumReal Time VdGG Live at the Royal Festival Hall, May 6th 2005
AlbumMerlin Atmos VdGG Live in Europe during 2013
AlbumAfter The Flood BBC Sessions 1968 - 1977
AlbumThe Charisma Years 1970 - 1978
AlbumInterference Patterns 2005 - 2016
AlbumBath Forum Live 1st March 2022