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Track List
1. German Overalls 5. What's it Worth
2. Slender Threads 6. Easy to Slip Away
3. Rock and Role 7. Dropping the Torch
4. In the End 8. (In the) Black Room
  9. The Tower
10. Rain (3am)*
11. In the End**
12. Easy to Slip Away**
Chameleon Promo 2006 Re-master bonus tracks:
*recorded in 1973, but not released until 1993 on The Calm (After the Storm).
**recorded on February 16th 1978 at All Saints Unitarian Church, Kansas City, USA.
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Chameleon cover Chameleon cover
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(Cover artwork by Paul Whitehead)

Chameleon advert

Chameleon in the Shadow of the Night was the first Peter Hammill album that I bought on release (4th May 1973). It was long awaited and brilliant. Long awaited because his previous release had been Fool's Mate, which contained older tracks, and was released some time before, and of course the original Van der Graaf Generator had split up.
This is the first real Peter Hammill solo album, though of course his friends appear throughout.

Hammill on Hammill - Record Collector, May 2001

Album review by
Armando Gallo.
Chameleon review    Chameleon review "...the most difficult album I've ever had to write about" - R.H.

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