Fool's Mate (July 1971)
Re-mastered album released on June 27th 2005
with bonus tracks:
The Birds        Sunshine        Happy
Re-awakening        Summer Song (In The Autumn)
(Early demo versions)
Fool's Mate cover Fool's Mate cover
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Fool's Mate cover
Info from the 2005 Re-master CD

Track List

1. Imperial Zeppelin
(CJS - Manchester, 1967)
2. Candle
(Derby, 1966)
3. Happy
(Kensington Court, 1969)
4. Solitude
(Derby, 1967)
5. Vision
(Ealing, 1967)
6. Re-awakening
(Knightsbridge, 1967)
7. Sunshine
(Derby, 1967)
8. Child
(Ealing, 1967/ Derby, 1971)
9. Summer song (in the autumn)
(Derby, 1967)
10. Viking
(with CJS - Manchester, 1967)
11. The Birds
(Derby, 1967)
12. I Once Wrote Some Poems
(Ealing, 1967)

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Fool's Mate cover Fool's Mate cover
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Fool's Mate Promo

Fool's Mate
Fool's Mate inner picture

The cover artwork was by Paul Whitehead who was interviewed in 1997 by Jim Christopulos. Paul took a photograph (click on thumbnail to enlarge) of Jim with the original artwork.

As previously mentioned, Fool's Mate was the first solo album, though all of the band members had a part in it. It has a nice feel, and like The Aerosol Grey Machine is very late sixties. One of the factors that defines this album is the appearance of Rod Clements and Ray Jackson of Lindisfarne on several tracks. Ah, that mandolin.
Also of course there appears Mr. Bob (alias Robert) Fripp of King Crimson fame.
Immediately after leaving school in the summer of '73, Tim, Koot, one other who shall remain nameless though not blameless, and myself set sail in a fog of pungent smoke for Cornwall, in particular St. Ives, where we had heard all the hippies hung out. Tim had a small, reel to reel, battery driven tape player but no music on tape. He had one blank tape which was estimated would take one album if we were lucky and employed skilled cue-ing. A difficult decision had to be made, bearing in mind that we were to be away for at least a fortnight and this would be the only album we could listen to! Fool's Mate was chosen, quite rightly in retrospect, as it is an album that you can listen to over and over again, which we did. One thing that does stick in my mind though is the fact that there was space for 95% of another track on the end. This ended up being Bowie's Ziggy Stardust.
Favourite track? Difficult, but I'll go for The Birds.
(21st August 1971)
Review Disc and Music Echo
(31st July 1971)

"Lightly pretentious album and somewhat fey"

Melody Maker
(July 1971)

Steve Peacock
(A "Fool's Mate" in Retrospect)



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