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Track List
1. When She Comes
2. A Place to Survive
3. Masks
4. Meurglys III, The Songwriters Guild
5. Wondering
2005 re-master bonus material: When She Comes and Masks
(recorded for the John Peel Show - 11th Nov 1976
- same as on Maida Vale "but in slightly more pumped up style")

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World Record DJ Promo World Record DJ Promo
Radio promo

World Record Germany
The German Version (with Meurglys 111)
"Is this a record?" - Sounds - 9th October 1976.
"All the world's a stage...So when do we get a new script?" - New Musical Express - 9th October 1976.
Read also the review in Record Mirror - 16th October 1976.
"'World Record' is far from being part 12 of the Armageddon Tapes" - Review (unknown origin) - Nov 1976.
World Record Tour The band embarked on a World Record promotional tour towards the end of 1976.
Below is the tour brochure (some of it appears elsewhere on the site).

World Record Tour  World Record Tour  World Record Tour
World Record Tour  World Record Tour  World Record Tour  World Record Tour
World Record Tour

Wondering / Meurglys III

Wondering Meurglys III

Wondering (Heroics) / Wondering (Song)

Wondering (Heroics) Wondering (Song)

Masks (Part 1 & 2)

Masks          Masks

This single was only released in France and issued following a request from the French record company.




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