The Quiet Zone / The Pleasure Dome
(Released 2nd September 1977)
The Quiet Zone cover The Quiet Zone cover
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Track List
1. Lizard Play
2. The Habit of the Broken Heart
3. The Siren Song
4. Last Frame
5. The Wave
6. Cat's Eye / Yellow Fever (running)
7. The Sphinx in the Face
8. Chemical World
9. The Sphinx Returns
2005 re-master bonus tracks:
Door (studio version - The Box)
Ship of Fools (B-side of the French Cat's Eye single - see below)
The Wave (instrumental demo version)

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The album came complete with liner with lyrics, interspersed with a couple of photo's:


Tim Locke interviewed Peter Hammill in 1977, after the release of this album,
for an article in the Warwick Boar.
Melody Maker Music Week
Sunday Times
"Return of the Zone arranger" - Sounds - 3rd September 1977.

"Humalonga Hammill" - New Musical Express - 3rd September 1977.


Note from David Bowie requesting the album

Cover Review
Label Label
jukebox single

The Cassette Tape

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