The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage
(Released 8th Feb 1974)
Silent Corner cover Silent Corner cover
Back Cover Front Cover
Silent Corner label Silent Corner label
Track List
1. Modern
2. Wilhelmina
3. The Lie (Bernini's Saint Teresa)
4. Forsaken Gardens
(The music as transcribed by Phil Smith)
5. Red Shift
6. Rubicon
7. A Louse is not a Home
8. The Lie (Bernini's Saint Teresa)*
9. Rubicon**
10. Red Shift**
Silent Corner Promo 2006 Re-master bonus tracks:
*recorded on February 16th 1978 at All Saints Unitarian Church, Kansas City, USA.
**recorded on February 18th 1974 for the BBC (with David Jackson).
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Silent Corner cover Silent Corner cover
Inside Cover (L) Inside Cover (R)

Silent Corner inner sleeve

Silent Corner inner sleeve
(Rather dog-eared) Inner Sleeve

The album came with an inner sleeve printed upon which were the lyrics to the songs in Peter Hammill's own hand. It starts "Thankyou for getting this far, and I can only hope that it will get you as we (you and I together) venture into and across ..... The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage....which comprises.." etc...
The album featured Hugh, Guy and Jaxon, along with Randy California playing lead guitar on Red Shift.
"Not sure what half of it is about but who cares? -" C.I.

Walrus magazine

Who was Stefanie Tidswell? Who was Peter?

Red Shift cover   Red Shift cover
Red Shift Part 1 / Red Shift Part 2 (Italy only)
Different version to that on the album.
Red Shift single   Red Shift single

Promo sheet  Promo sheet

Hammill on Hammill - Record Collector, May 2001

Cassette tape

The Double Play Cassette Tape

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