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Theme One
A Plague of Lighthousekeepers

Allegedly from 1971, but more likely 1972, this footage was filmed for Belgian TV. The Live List has two such sessions listed, the first on the 5th and 6th April 1971 and the second on the 21st March 1972. This recording is probably from the second session because Peter Hammill said in an interview that some of Lighthousekeepers was written in the van during the German tour of May 1971. Further evidence is the presence of the lyric sheet from Pawn Hearts in the video. That album was released in late 1971.

Also available, from July 2003, was this DVD containing the above material plus the Belgian footage of Godbluff from late 1975.

Again, some confusion about the recording date. The cover says 27th September 1975 but there are also indications elsewhere of a recording made at Charleroi on the 12th November 1975. It's possible that the second date is when the recording was broadcast on Belgian TV.
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