In Camera (1974)
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In Camera label

In Camera label
Track List
1. Ferret and Featherbird
2. (No More) the Sub-mariner
3. Tapeworm
4. Again
5. Faint-heart and the Sermon
6. The Comet, the Course, the Tail
7. Gog
8. Magog (in Bromine Chambers)
In Camera Promo 9. The Emperor in his War Room*
10. Faint-heart and the Sermon*
11. (No More) the Sub-mariner*

* 2006 Re-master bonus tracks - all recorded on
August 19th 1974 for the BBC.

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The album contained a liner with lyrics
with some notes from PH

"...this should be a hit album, but unfortunately,
I doubt if it will be" - HK

"Is it doom-rock?" - Geoff Barton in Sounds

"No moon croon balladoramas here, spider" - AJ

Allan Jones interviews Peter Hammill for
Melody Maker (3rd August 1974)

Geoff Barton interviewed Peter Hammill about In Camera and other important matters for Sounds (August 24th 1974). Click on the image to read the article.

Walrus magazine
Bob Edmonds reviewed the album in the NME ... and Peter Hammill responded.
In Camera Poster
ad picture Questions to PH
Interview with photographer Mike Van der Vord.
  ' You know what we believers say,' Father Leary went on.
  ' When something like this happens, it's a test for all of us.
It's a way of making us stronger.' The head on his Guinness
was perfect. He took a swallow, licked his lips thoughtfully.
  ' That's what we say; it may not be what we think.'
He looked into his drink.
  ' It didn't make me strong. I went back to the whisky.'
  ' I can understand that.'
  ' Until a friend reminded me it was a lazy way out, the
cowardly way.'
  ' And who's to say he's not right?'
  ' "Faint-Heart and the Sermon",' Rebus said with a smile.
  ' What's that?"
  ' A song. But maybe it's us, too.'
- from The Hanging Garden by Ian Rankin.

Hammill on Hammill - Record Collector, May 2001

Read also Peter Hammill's Notes at

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