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More about The People You Were Going ToThe People You Were Going To / Firebrand UK Polydor 56758 (1968)
Withdrawn pretty quick in 1969, now reckoned to be worth 260.
More about Afterwards and NecromancerAfterwards / Necromancer USA Mercury 72979 (1969)
From The Aerosol Grey Machine.
Valued at 100.
More about Refugees and The Boat of Millions of YearsRefugees / The Boat of Millions of Years UK Charisma CB122 (1970)
From The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other.
Valued at 40.
More about Theme OneTheme One / w UK Charisma CB175 (1972)
From Pawn Hearts (USA version only).
Valued at 25.
More about Red ShiftRed Shift Part 1 / Red Shift Part 2 Italy Charisma (1974)
From The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage.
More about Birthday SpecialBirthday Special / Shingle Song UK Charisma CB245 (1975)
From Nadir's Big Chance.
Valued at 8.
More about WonderingWondering / Meurglys III (exerpt) UK Charisma CB297 (1976)
From World Record.
Valued at 8.
More about WonderingWondering (Song) / Wondering (Heroics) UK Charisma Promo PRO002 (1976)
From World Record.
Valued at 25.
More about MasksMasks (Part 1) / Masks (Part 2) France Charisma 6837345 (1976)
From World Record.
More about Crying WolfCrying Wolf / This Side of the Looking Glass Charisma Promo (1977)
From Over.
Valued at 30.
More about Cats EyeCat's Eye / Ship of Fools (studio) France Charisma 6837441 (1977)
From The Quiet Zone.
More about If I CouldIf I Could / The Future Now Canada Charisma (1978)
From The Future Now.

(Valuations from Record Collector)