an der Graaf Generator Albums (1975-1976)
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More about Godbluff
The band's first album after re-forming was Godbluff.
The Godbluff tour included the University of East Anglia.

VdGG for everyone
"Van der Graaf Generator is for Everyone" sticker

More about Still Life
Then came Still Life, one of my favourite albums. My friend Nick Huckle saw them on the Still Life tour on 7th May 1976 in Sheffield and has donated some photo's of the band playing.
To see them and read his memories of the era, click here.
In case you didn't read it in The Long Hello section, here's another chance to see Peter's reply to a Melody Maker reader's questions.
He has news of Still Life's release.
Click on the paper.

More about World Record
World Record was the third and final album with the original line-up of Peter Hammill, Dave Jackson,
Hugh Banton and Guy Evans.
I have the VdGG World Record tour brochure as I saw the Drury Lane concert. What a mess!
See the nobody's perfect section for some examples.