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08/12/99Added more pictures to Dave Jackson page.
04/12/99Added page on lost gear in Italy, December 1975.
04/12/99Added music paper reviews of Still Life.
14/11/99 Not quite within the scope of this site but I have thrown together a few pages documenting my recent trip to see Peter Hammill in the USA in November 1999.
Also added link to
13/11/99 Added an article that appeared in the Times Educational Supplement in 1974.
30/10/99 I have just come across a press release from October 1975. The picture seems fairly atypical for the band.
30/10/99 Added more pictures to Peter Hammill page.
30/10/99 I am rather pleased to have these photographs of Van der Graaf released by Charisma to the press in 1977 (thanks Tim). The photos also feature Charles Dickie. I guess I should start a page on him also, although the only reference I can find is on Vital.
10/10/99Added music paper reviews of Godbluff.
10/10/99Added music paper reviews of Victoria Palace and New Victoria concerts.
19/9/99Started Keith Ellis, Chris Judge-Smith and Nick Pearne pages.
19/9/99Added some pics to Hugh Banton page.
19/9/99Added reviews to Pawn Hearts album page and Theme One.
18/9/99Added reviews to The Least we can do is Wave to Each Other album page.
18/9/99Added an Album Index, so you can go directly to particular album pages. This is becoming one hell of a site!
17/9/99Charisma Package Tour - 1971, "Six bob gigs which made Van der Graaf".
15/7/99Added reviews to H to He album page.
26/6/99Added two articles about the first split in 1972.
22/6/99Enhanced David Jackson page.
20/5/99Second David Jackson pic added to Nick's Sheffield page.
13/5/99All 17 album pages now include the cover graphics plus extra bits and pieces too numerous to mention; except of particular interest, The Aerosol Grey Machine page now also includes Peter Hammill's CD notes, where he relates tales of the early days of the band, and a copy of an article that appeared in the Manchester Independent in 1968.
21/4/99Enhanced Chameleon page now includes all album cover graphics, accessed via solo album pages.
17/4/99Enhanced Fool's Mate page now includes all album cover graphics plus a somewhat rare picture of Paul Whitehead's original artwork courtesy of Jim Christopulos, accessed via solo album pages.
See also interview with Paul Whitehead.
11/2/99Reading page added.
11/2/99Nic Potter and Graham Smith pages added.
26/1/99Poster from Silent Corner tour added to Solo performances page
23/1/99Added band member pages, accessed from revised main picture.
12/1/99Started to add comments to solo album pages - Fool's Mate, Chameleon and Nadir first.
10/12/98Added Geoff Barton's interview with band just prior to French tour 1975.
2/12/98Added link to Boston Museum - well worth a visit.
27/11/98Updated VdGG gigs in light of info from lost diaries found.
27/11/98Added The Where Are They Now? File.
26/11/98Added Peter Hammill's answers to Melody Maker reader's questions ref the Long Hello and Still Life (mostly).
25/11/98Added Nick's review of Sheffield concert.
21/11/98Bugs removed.
20/11/98Site uploaded.