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19/11/02 I have received a lot of material lately about the various Tours of Canada that took place between 1974 and 1978, hence the page. Thanks to Francis Tamarit, Daniel Thérien and Sean Tassé for most of the material. This is a start - I will be adding more stuff later.
17/11/02 Hugh Banton's Goldberg Variations has just been released. Check out the page for info and sound bytes.
16/11/02 Finally got a proper scan of the People You Were Going To single - thanks to Stephen Agar.
5/11/02 Added two articles that appeared in Ciao 2001 magazine, an Italian publication, in 1972. The first is from the 27th of February and contains a great picture of Hugh and Guy with some groupies! The second is from the 4th of June with a good picture of the band fraternising with the Italian fans. Hopefully I'll be adding an English translation shortly. Thanks to Jim Christopulos for the material.
28/10/02 Added a letter written by Gordian Troeller announcing the 1978 final split.
(Material from the Pawn Hearts Archive)
27/10/02 Added the Four interviews with the enigmatic Peter Hemmill piece that appeared in Zig Zag 40 to the Peter Hammill page,
and a few things to the Live List (too many to list).
22/10/02 Added Reflection to the Album Index.
21/10/02 Added a page about Peter Hammill's Guitars. This includes a picture of his original 1959 Hagstrom and some stuff about Roland (no, not the rat). There is more to add but this is a good start.
18/10/02 Added a Singles Index.
Also added a review of the 1975 Liverpool Stadium gig to the Live List.
Also added reviews of the 1976 Queen Elizabeth Hall gig, review 1, review 2 and review 3, to the Live List (material from Charles Underwood).
14/9/02 Added some pictures of Judge and Jaxon in Swindon, 3rd September 2002.
Nick has altered his Sheffield notes due to the fact that the actual photographer, hitherto unknown, has made himself known. Check out the page for more info and additional pictures.
Also added some more fantastic pictures of the band playing in Switzerland, this time at the Cinema Mascotte in Basel, in 1972.
26/8/02 Added The Wire review to the Hammersmith Lyric gigs page.
25/8/02 Various additions/corrections to the Live List.
Special thanks to Ilan Segal for Bracknell - 75, Brunel - 77 tickets and info, and Steve Emery for a VdGG Birmingham gig review (May 1976) which is probably the most favourable I have ever read!
18/7/02 According to Peter Hammill the cover of Pawn Hearts was originally to be of the band members playing "Crowborough Tennis", a game that they had invented. Peter explained the rules in this letter to Jem Shotts from 1972.
Corrected the 1976 Canada tour dates in the Live List. The dates in The Box are incorrect.
11/7/02 Added some bits and pieces concerning the Hammersmith Lyric gigs. There are some pictures, a signed ticket, setlist, and the words to a new PH song.
9/7/02 Added the piece that appeared in the May 2002 MOJO magazine, in full, and one of the pictures to my 75-78 pictures page.
The MOJO article actually appears on the site.
20/6/02 Added some fantastic pictures of the band playing in Switzerland in 1971, along with a couple of Swiss posters from 1973 to the Live List.
25/5/02 Added Now and Then to the Album Index.
5/5/02 Kate Malloy sent me a scan of her ticket to see VdGG in Newcastle on the 13th November 1976 - thanks Kate.
4/5/02 Although theoretically outside the timeframe of this site I have added some pictures that were in the Pawn Hearts Archive that relate to the April 1983 Hammersmith Odeon concert, where Peter Hammill and John Ellis supported Marillion. Some of the pictures were taken backstage and include Judge Smith who must have been at the concert. I've included these pictures (including a ticket) because I was there. I know not who took them.
It seems that just before the band split up in 1978 the intention had been to tour the USA. This tour would have taken place in the autumn of 1978. The Pawn Hearts Archive contains two letters from Gordian Troeller trying to drum up support (Letter 1  Letter 2).
Also added the cover of the Masks single, released in France.
Also added three gig reviews to the Live List that include pictures; Croydon, 11th April 1971, Manchester, 22nd November 1976 and Oxford, 17th October 1977 (all UK).
Jonathan Duckworth sent me another couple of pictures of the band playing at the Reading Festival in 1976.
12/4/02 After an afternoon in the offices of the local newspaper I finally tied down the occasion when VdGG played in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England, my home town. Here's the advert showing that they played to some of my friends but sadly not me, on the 27th November 1971, the day after a Marquee gig in London. The Live List has been updated.
10/4/02 Added two pictures of Peter Hammill at the Palais Montcalm, Québec, Canada, 8th December 1978 to the Peter Hammill page, having decided to extend the site to the end of 1978. There are some more pictures of this concert on the Graham Smith page. The Live List now also lists concerts up until the end of 1978.
8/4/02 Added The Future Now to the Album Index. There are some American reviews there, British ones to follow...
7/4/02 Added some more pictures from the Pawn Hearts Archive to the 1975 to 1978 period picture page.
6/4/02 Added some more pictures from the Pawn Hearts Archive. Some of them are here already but these are better quality. They can be found on the Early pictures page, the 1977 Van der Graaf pictures page and a new page for the 1975 to 1978 period.
6/4/02 Added reviews to the Theme One page.
Added the comments made by John Anthony in an interview carried out by Mju:zik magazine in 1998.
4/4/02 Added an advert to the Godbluff page (album and tour).
Also added an advert for the Brand X tour and The Future Now album that appeared in the NME in September 1978.
Added the comments made by Graham Smith in an interview carried out by Mju:zik magazine in 1998.
Also added a review of the single "Wondering" to the World Record page.
3/4/02 Added a picture at The Marquee in 1976 of Hugh Banton.
31/03/02 Started a John Anthony page. Not much there yet but there is an article that appeared in Melody Maker in 1970 about producers which includes a section about John Anthony (unfortunately I don't have access to an original). He was also interviewed in the same Mju:zik as Graham Smith so I'll be adding some bits from that soon.
30/03/02 Added some pictures to the Graham Smith page. Graham was interviewed by Mju:zik magazine in February 1998 and there is one small part of the interview on that page - more to follow...
29/03/02 Added a Steve Peacock interview to the Peter Hammill page - "Van der Graaf's Spiritual Farewell" - from December 1972.
28/03/02 Added some promo pics to the Nic Potter and Dave Jackson pages.
24/03/02 Added some pics to the Guy Evans page. These include some later promo pics and some of Guy playing. I am unable to date any of them sufficiently accurately.
Also added pieces from a magazine called Mju:zik from February 1998 to the Union Chapel Concert, Maida Vale and Time Vaults pages.
23/03/02 Added another interview with Peter Hammill that appeared in Melody Maker, entitled "Keep an eye on Hammill" to the Peter Hammill page. It's dated April 7th, 1973 and mentions the infamous Alice!
21/03/02 Added a letter from the band announcing that a Cello would be added to the instrumental line-up to the Charles Dickie page. The letter also mentions the departure of Hugh and Jaxon and the release of The Quiet Zone.
20/03/02 Added another interview with Peter Hammill that appeared in National Rockstar entitled "The Paradoxical Peter Hammill", to the Van der Graaf page. The interview was published in February 1977 just before the Roundhouse concert, the first for the new line-up with Graham Smith and the returned Nic Potter.
Also added yet another interview with PH, that took place during the February 1978 USA tour, with Trouser Press - "Peter Hammill - Jesus of Angst".
19/03/02 Added an interview with Peter Hammill that appeared in Melody Maker entitled "The Generator Game", to the Peter Hammill page. The interview was published in November 1976.
18/03/02 Added an interview with Peter Hammill that appeared in Trouser Press entitled "Peter Hammill's Songs for the New Depression", to the Van der Graaf page. The interview took place just after the Roundhouse gig in February 1977.
17/03/02 Added an interview that appeared in the NME to the Peter Hammill page, entitled "Will Peter Hammill end up crazy?"
16/03/02 Added a review of the Brighton Dome gig to the Six Bob Tour page.
Also added the Sounds, Headley Grange "Now the Immortals are Here" interview to the Still Life page (it's near the bottom).
15/03/02 Added some more reviews to the Over page.
14/03/02 Added a review to the Nadir's Big Chance page.
13/03/02 Added a picture to the Peter Hammill page from a Van der Graaf gig in Sweden, from March 1977.
12/03/02 Added the French "Une Grosse Camionnette" picture to the Jaxon page. The original picture is there too.
Added programmes for the 9th Plumpton Festival (1969 - PH solo) and 10th Plumpton Festival (1970 - VdGG) to the Live List.
Created a new page for Peter Hammill's USA tour in February 1978, otherwise accessed from the Live List.
10/03/02 Added an advert to the Chameleon page and the insert that came with the Japanese version of H to He. I have also quoted from a letter that PH wrote in 1972 about 'The Pioneers'.
He also explains what "Aided and abetted by Nohjndijcrackycracky" means on the Pawn Hearts sleeve!
Also re-vamped and added to, the European reformation tour of 1975 page.
9/03/02 Put together a nice Beacon Theatre page. The band played in the USA only once, on October 18th 1976 at The Beacon Theatre, New York.
That gig was just after a mini-tour of Canada and I've added some pictures of Peter Hammill and Hugh Banton playing in Montreal on October 6th. All the Montreal pictures can be seen together on the Pawn Hearts Archive page.
Added another 1971 (probably) picture to the Early Years photo page (bottom middle), and another review (unknown origin) of World Record.
8/03/02 Added two items to the Tony Stratton-Smith page; a letter that he wrote to Dwight Hansen on 14th September 1979 about the Pawn Hearts Society (plus a letter from David Brown with the bad news!) and an article from Music Week, 29th September 1979. The latter has seen the light of day before but at least you can read this one!
Tim's review of Jaxon et al's Beams and Bells: Live at the QEH, is now on that page.
06/03/02 Added a copy of a Refugees acetate to the The Least page, and scans of the USA release.
Added Repeat Performance to the Album Index.
Also added the Vertigo labels to the Aerosol Grey Machine page.
28/02/02 Added reviews and adverts from the Pawn Hearts Archive to the Godbluff page.
27/02/02 Added reviews and adverts from the Pawn Hearts Archive to the Vital page.
24/02/02 Added a new sleeve and some comments from PH to the Theme One page.
23/02/02 Added Time Vaults to the Album Index.
Also added some bits and bobs to the Pawn Hearts page, including a few words from Peter Hammill about the origin of the inner-sleeve picture.
22/02/02 David Jackson has announced the release of Beams and Bells: Live at the QEH. You'll find lots of information on that page including two 20 second clips from the CD. We will be carrying a review shortly. Order directly from DJ and you will receive an autographed copy.
Also added some bits and pieces to the The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome page.
18/02/02 Added a picture of Strat and Peter Hammill to the Tony Stratton-Smith page (unsure of date) and a nice picture of Graham Smith playing with VdG in Sweden, 10 March 1977.
15/02/02 Added a clipping about the Gordian Troeller stabbing in May 1976.
Added another picture to the Peter Hammill page which is a slight variation on the one that appears on Fool's Mate.
Added another picture to the Van der Graaf pictures page (1977).
Added pictures of the Birthday Special/Shingle Song single to the Nadir's Big Chance page.
Added a review and autograph to the Silent Corner page.
...and various bits and pieces to the Live List, and it now shows the PH solo period between 1972 and 1975.
14/02/02 Added a picture to the Early Pictures page from the archive.
I also put the first Pawn Hearts Society newsletter (June 1978) on the Pawn Hearts Society Archive page.
13/02/02 Added two pictures to the Peter Hammill page from the archive. Can anyone date these?
12/02/02 Added a lot of stuff to the Long Hello page. Thanks to Jamie Fogg for the European albums. The rest is from the archive.
08/02/02 Keep an eye on the Live List, there are quite a few links now to adverts, reviews, tickets etc. The latest addition being related to the birthday gigs at The Marquee in July 1976.
06/02/02 Added mp3 of Peter Hammill performing "Afterwards" at The Troubador in L.A. to the mp3 download page.
04/02/02 Added scans of Jamie Fogg's radio promo of World Record and the original Mercury version of The Aerosol Grey Machine, along with scans of the Afterwards/Necromancer promo single.
02/02/02 Added a letter from Gordian Troeller announcing that Van der Graaf Generator had reformed (1975).
Also added a few bits and pieces about Charisma to the Tony Stratton-Smith page, including an article outlining the history of the company (1972).
01/02/02 Started to add links to tickets, adverts and reviews to the Live List page.
There are a few adverts there from 1969, a ticket for The Beacon Theatre concert, the only gig that Van der Graaf Generator did in the U.S.A., plus an advert for the Mabuhay Gardens concerts (PH solo in Feb 1978)...and more!
31/01/02 Added some bits and pieces from the archive to the Least we can do page.
And a brilliant picture of various Charisma bands to the Early Pictures page.
30/01/02 Added Vision to the album index. There's an advert for The Other End shows in the USA on that page and a letter from Phillip Page about the release.
Also added a few bits and pieces to the In Camera page.
28/01/02 Added some reviews to the Fool's Mate page.
24/01/02 I've just realised that some pictures from 1968 of Hammill, Judge and Hugh Banton are mentioned in the sleevenotes of the CD version of The Aerosol Grey Machine so I have placed the thumbnails on that page as well. The notes, penned by Peter Hammill are worth a read.
22/01/02 Added more stuff from the archive, namely a few pictures to the Judge Smith page including three nice ones with Peter Hammill (in colour this time), an early one from 1968 and one taken backstage at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1983;
Two contracts with Belgian TV from 1971 and 1972;
A ticket for the Salle Wagram, Paris concert in 1975;
A "Van der Graaf Generator is for everyone" sticker to the World Record page;
A Press Release from (I think) late 1969. I'm finding it difficult to date because Nic Potter isn't mentioned, nor The Least We Can Do, but Dave Jackson is.
20/01/02 Added a few articles from 1968 and 1969 which appear on the Aerosol Grey Machine and Keith Ellis pages (Pawn Hearts Society Archive). Note that the link on the front page to the Aerosol page has moved up so that it now appears chronologically placed.
18/01/02 Added pics from the Pawn Hearts archive to the 1976 Reading Festival page.
And two reviews of the People You Were Going To single from 1969.
And a picture of Charles Dickie.
16/01/02 Added pics from the Pawn Hearts archive to the Peter Hammill, Gordian Troeller, Nic Potter, and Hugh Banton pages.
I have also created a new page for miscellaneous early pictures (1968 to 1972) called Early Pics.
These pictures also appear on the Pawn Hearts Society Archive pages.
10/01/02 The Pawn Hearts archive is now in England and it is our intention to get as much of it on the website as possible. Quite a lot of it, especially the album reviews and news articles, already appears and there is no intention to duplicate material. We do hope however to provide a listing of everything that is contained within the archive with links where applicable. To get things going I have picked out five pictures that you may not have seen previously and hope to add more material soon. The archive web depository is
Please note that the material displayed is for your viewing pleasure and not to be reproduced for other purposes without permission from the copyright holder.
01/01/02 Added Second Generation to the Album Index. There is a small booklet with the CD that contains a couple of pictures of the band.