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30/12/01 Added the tour brochure to the World Record page (some of it is already on the site in various places),
and an article that appeared in Sounds entitled "On the road with Van der Graaf" by Geoff Barton.
24/12/01 Added some bits and pieces to the Nic Potter and In Camera pages.
Also added a Charisma flyer to the Index Page.
19/12/01 Added the entire article about the band that appeared in Melody Maker, 5th May 1971, to the David Jackson page (scans courtesy of Sean Tassé).
And updated the Van der Graaf page with some better scans (these are the ones where Guy has mistakenly thought that he was auditioning for Village People!).
11/12/01 Added a review of the Birthday Special single to the Nadir's Big Chance page.
Also added a couple of clippings concerning The Commonwealth Institute gigs in 1974.
And a picture of a very young Paul Whitehead (courtesy of Jim Christopulos).
11/12/01 I have been contacted regarding the copyright of certain pictures within the site. Please don't reproduce any of the pictures for any reason without consulting me first - thanks.
Added Rock Heavies to the Album Index.
Added Maida Vale to the Album Index.
Added The Peel Sessions to the Album Index.
Added Union Chapel Concert to the Album Index.
6/12/01 Added I Prophesy Disaster to the Album Index. Again, there are a couple of pictures of the band.
5/12/01 I have decided to add the compilation albums to the Album Index, starting with First Generation. There is a small booklet with the CD that contains a couple of pictures of the band.
29/11/01 Added picture of the The Box promo CD's (first two) to The Box Page (courtesy Jamie Fogg), and an English translation of the Musik Express German review (courtesy Alex Meinlschmidt).
A truly Internationally renowned band! - The David Jackson and Hugh Banton interviews have been translated into Russian by Sergei Petrushanko.
7/11/01 What a scoop! Jim Christopulos took a picture of Paul Whitehead's original drawing intended to be the basis of the cover for H to He.
You can see it on the H to He Page (near the bottom).
There are also a couple of new reviews of Nadir's Big Chance.
and a German review of The Box (in German).
9/10/01 You can now read the interview with Hugh Banton.
There are also a couple of new pictures on the Hugh Banton Page.
8/10/01 Saw PH at Norwich tonight and he played really well. I have to say though that the set could have been better but there you go. There's a picture on the Where are they now? page.
7/10/01 The last time that the band were together was in July 2001 for a birthday party and I am very pleased to be able to show you a picture! You can find it on the Where are they now? page.
I have finally managed to find a picture of the band playing at the Reading Festival in 1976 (photo's courtesy of Hugh Banton).
Also added a new mp3 for downloading; I Once Wrote Some Poems/Theme One, from the Weeley Festival in 1971 (awful quality but interesting).
01/10/01 Added pics of the Refugees/Boat of Millions of Years single to the Live List page.
Also, the bit from Record Collector about PH appearing on Play Away.
29/09/01 Disaster! Unfortunately my ISP failed to tell me that the domain was about to expire and within a nano-second of it doing so it was grabbed by someone else. We are trying to get it back but in the meantime I have had to shift all the files elsewhere. All the stuff here should be OK but please let me know of any broken links.
We have set up an interview with HB and hope to publish that within the next fortnight.
The Live List is now on this site and accessible from the main page. I have made a few additions and ammendments, including scans of the promo single Crying Wolf + This Side of the Looking Glass, and the Wondering single (courtesy of Jamie Fogg).
Also added The Postcards to The Box page.
16/09/01 David Jackson is playing at the QEH in October, more details here.
Read also Jaxon's history of Anvil Rings.
15/07/01 Added a review of the 1974 Wigmore Hall concert (PH solo) to the Solo Gigs Attended page, and a picture of the somewhat rare (I should say!) acetate demo single of The People You Were Going To.
(Thanks to Kate George and Jamie Fogg respectively).
22/06/01 Matthew Beaghen managed to get his CD signed by the band at the Union Chapel concert, including by Judge! See it here.
18/06/01 Paul Whitehead's company has agreed to offer a $20 discount for prints of Birthday to users of this site. See the front page for details.
9/06/01 Today sees the publication of our exclusive interview with Dave Jackson which took place in May. There's some great pictures here too. I'd be grateful if no-one were to steal the pictures or text to publish elsewhere - thanks.
7/06/01 Added a few bits and bobs, including;
The famous picture of PH and Phil Collins to the Peter Hammill page;
More stuff to the Tony Stratton Smith page, including The Times obituary courtesy of Jim Christopulos;
A picture of Peter Hammill and Chris Judge Smith, circa 1970, to the Judge page, plus an article from the N.M.E. (1977) explaining who he is;
A couple of reviews of PH solo concerts that I attended in 1973 and 1974;
Plus there's another article about the VdGG "Reunion" which is on the front page;
And I finally got around to starting a Gordian Troeller page though there's not much there yet.
22/04/01 See a picture of PH playing in Italy recently on the Where are They Now? page.
16/04/01 Godbluff competition winners announced!
I'm gradually figuring out where they are now. Check out the new Where are They Now? page for details of DJ and GE. DJ is playing in my home town in May and I'm hoping to arrange an interview and a few pictures for this website - the best Van der Graaf site on the web!!
There's also a link to Uri Breitman's site where you'll find some pictures of PH playing in Israel recently.
12/04/01 Added a picture and text to the Tony Stratton-Smith page, which come from an article about Genesis that appeared in the March 2001 edition of Mojo magazine.
5/03/01 I have finally found a way of featuring the occasional up-to-date material that comes my way! Yes, the where are they now page, which now includes a picture of PH playing Mexico City in February 2001, courtesy of Fernando Aceves.
3/03/01 Added a picture from OOR magazine of the VdGG fivesome, presumably from 1968.
23/12/00 Added a picture from The Box of the VdGG threesome to the Nick Pearne page.
23/12/00 There is now a proper "The Box" page which includes the "An Introduction" CD. I have reproduced the main reviews in full. There's a couple of quite nice photo's of the band.
17/12/00 New MP3 download - Firebrand - released in 1969.
2/11/00 Did you know that there was a Godbluff competition in Sounds?
See it on the Godbluff page. Thanks to Andy Gallacher for the material.
30/10/00 The Box Set is reviewed in November's Mojo magazine. I've reproduced the picture but not the entire article.
29/10/00 Added sticker to 75-76 Albums page.
And picture of the band playing in Paris, 1975.
Plus, a picture of the VdGG badge.
24/10/00 Added the Dunhill release (1972) cover of H to He, courtesy of Koot, an artist worth checking out. The Aerosol Grey Machine page also updated.
And learned that the box set will retail at £34.99.
18/10/00 Started a The People You Were Going To single page, and added an advert for the 1975 European come-back tour to the Paris page. There's also an additional picture on the Guy Evans page from 1971 courtesy of Jim. I also included the set-list for the Victoria Palace concert.
Other news is that a single CD will also be released along with the box set. Details here.
6/10/00 Chris Judge Smith's project, Curly's Airships, has been completed and you can see more details on the new website at
1/10/00 You can see the VdGG Live list as compiled by Ian Laycock here. This will be part of the info that will accompany the box set. There are some interesting early images. It's also accessible via the front page which is under development.
22/09/00 Hot News!! - The box set will be released by Virgin on 13th November 2000 (if you missed this info on the front page). I'm hoping to bring news and reviews to the site. Out of interest I've just registered but not sure what to put there yet! Any ideas?
10/09/00 Added a poster and review to the Charisma Package Tour page (1971).
9/09/00 New MP3 download - Killer - recorded at Reading in 1976. It's a bit big (10Mb) because it includes PH's spiel at the beginning and John Peel's at the end.
6/09/00 I've added the Student Union poster from the University of East Anglia concert which took place on Saturday 11th October 1975. Thanks to Charles Underwood for the picture - he was there too but had a pink ticket!
29/08/00 As advertised! That amazing picture of the band playing at the 1971 Reading Festival.
Thanks to Pete Lee for the picture.
27/08/00 Added picture to Hugh Banton page and a short piece about "Hub" that appeared in the World Record tour brochure. Thanks to Jim Christopulos for the picture.
26/08/00 Added picture to Keith Ellis page taken from a Sounds article from 1975. I'll be adding the article later. Thanks to Andy Gallacher for the material.
I have also started a Tony Stratton-Smith page, though there's not much there yet.
I'm also gradually adding links from my album pages to the lyrics on the Sofa Sound website.
4/08/00 I had decided that it would be nice to actually hear some PH/VdGG material via the web-site, so contacted Peter Hammill to seek his views, there obviously being a copyright issue. I also have no wish to deny him income from CD sales. So, in line with his wishes, I will provide you with an occasional, and changing, track, and one which is not currently available via official sources. I thought it a waste of time just providing snippets of songs. This first I'm sure many of you will already have but it's one of my favourites from a live concert in 1978, Out of my Book. I'll be changing the track every so often but not too frequently. If you're new (or an existing fan for that matter) to the music I suggest that you buy the forthcoming 4CD boxed set, available later this year.
28/07/00 Added reviews of the May 1975 Paris concert.
Completed the New Victoria concert of August 1975 page (I hope!). Quite a nice page with everything you could possibly want; adverts, announcements, reviews, ticket (and stub!) and even photographs of the gig.
Added reviews to Chameleon in the Shadow of the Night page.
Victoria Palace concert page enhanced with ticket and newspaper picture of the band playing.
Added reviews and interview to In Camera page.
Added a review and advert to Silent Corner page.
Added Silent Corner tour advert to Solo Concerts Attended page.
5/07/00 Added reviews to Nadir's Big Chance page, and an interesting advert for Over.
Many thanks to Charles Underwood for the loan of his PH/VdGG scrapbook, the source of this material and much more to come...
26/05/00 Added interview with Hugh Banton from the mid-seventies. All you wanted to know about Hugh's organ.
31/03/00 Added interview with Dave Jackson. It's a bit long but very interesting - a potted VdGG history. The section on the 1975 Italian tour is worth a read.
26/03/00 Added short clippings to the final split page, including the '78 Brand X tour.
16/03/00 Added Charles Dickie page and a couple of articles about the transformation of VdGG to VdG in 1977. Plus an extra picture in each of the main band members pages.
15/03/00 Added Nick Kent's review to the Over page.
9/03/00 Added more to the Reading page. Thanks to those who contributed.
7/03/00 Added photo's to the New Victoria concert page (1975), courtesy of Gerald Rayner.
18/02/00 Reading festival (1976) recording on CD offered for Reading material.
11/02/00 Added explanation (and Peter's drawing) of the origin of the logo to Peter Hammill page.
10/02/00Added music paper reviews of World Record.
9/02/00 Added Sounds and NME reviews to The Quiet Zone page.
Added Charisma Biography (1975) of PH to Peter Hammill page.
8/02/00 Added the Charisma biography of the band that was part of the 1975 press release.
29/01/00 Added even more pictures to Peter Hammill page, from 1976.
29/01/00Added an article by Tim Locke that appeared in the Warwick Boar, 7th December 1977, after the release of The Quiet Zone, plus the Melody Maker QZ album review.
See also an article that appeared in Melody Maker on August 2nd 1975, where Peter Hammill explains why the band reformed.