ODMartin Hall bought this magazine at the festival. Click on the cover to read an interview with the band.

The Band playing
(Thanks to Hugh Banton for this picture)

The Band playing    The Band playing
(Thanks to Jonathan Duckworth for these pictures)

It went something like this....

Hugh's organ and Guy's drums heard in tune-up mode.
"La Rossa", announces PH.
The band begins to play and you can here the organ, but PH so faint you can hardly hear him.
Shouts of "start again Peter" heard from audience. Band stops playing.

DJ, John Peel, heard on PA, "One...Sorry about a certain amount of confusion. There seems to be some water in the amplification equipment. You've probably noticed that it's been raining a little bit - a light drizzle in the last hour or two. As soon as we can get that sorted out we'll be back again with the lads. Don't panic it'll be alright".

Sometime later....
Peter Hammill on stage; "Well, well, well".
"We're gonna do something different now. We're not going to do La Rossa after all because that delay has killed it. It's going to be a new song which is called "Masks".

Band plays "Masks" (to be on World Record)

PH; "Thankyou, The next two songs are from the album Still Life and the first of them is called Childlike Faith in Childhood's End".

Band plays "Childlike Faith in Childhood's End"

PH; "If you like quiet songs of deep intensity, we are about to do a very quiet song. This is called Still Life".

Band plays "Still Life"

PH; "Thankyou very much, This is from Godbluff and it's called The Sleepwalkers".

Band plays "Sleepwalkers"

PH; "....Unprecedented since we reformed, almost certainly the only time, and that's to make up for the rain, we are now going to play Killer".

Band plays "Killer"

PH; "Goodbye, see you again I hope".

JP; "Bloody marvellous, Van der Graaf Generator. Come on let's here it for them".

Rapturous applause and shouts of "more" from the audience.

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Reading review

New Musical Express had the following comments to make:
"Van der Graaf Generator were well received - and rightly so - despite the continuing downpour and the rather sombre nature of the music. In passing, I'd like to recommend the latest Generator LP, a little thing called 'World Record'."


Melody Maker had a slightly different view:
"And now the bad news ...
Bores of the day were Camel, Van der Graaf Generator and Jon Hiseman's Colusseum."
...."Peter Hammill of Van der Graaf Generator tried to look like Jon Anderson. Anderson, who looked on, wasn't impressed. Van der Graaf and Colusseum II shared a staleness that time sometimes delivers."

VdGG at Reading Rock festival

Tony Stratton Smith's response

VdGG at Reading Rock festival    VdGG at Reading Rock festival    VdGG at Reading Rock festival    VdGG at Reading Rock festival    VdGG at Reading Rock festival

VdGG at Reading Rock festival   VdGG at Reading Rock festival   VdGG at Reading Rock festival