Nick Pearne
Pearne or "Peame"? The Aerosol Grey Machine sleeve has him as Nick Peame, the 68-71 sleeve as Nick Pearne. Subsequently Peter Hammill has referred to him as Pearne.
"I was in my first year as a Liberal Studies in Science student at Manchester, running around with the Drama Department and the Left... and with Chris Judge Smith and Nick Pearne. These two and I constituted the VdGG of this era. If memory serves, we only actually performed as a trio once, when we were bottled off stage (by medical students, of course); we had already lost our bass player, Maggie, who departed in shards of screams during a dress rehearsal at the moment when Judge emerged from behind his drum kit in full costume/Latex mask/blood capsule effect, looming towards her at the climax of a Werewolf tune. I suspect that Nick also began to question his commitment to the cause at this stage. Judge and I, however, were committed. We continued as a duo."

- Peter Hammill (from The Aerosol Grey Machine CD sleeve notes)

VdGG pic