Manchester Independent
May 7, 1968
"Progress of a pop group"

Manchester Independent
May 14, 1968
"The Van der Graff Generator"

Manchester Independent
May 21, 1968
"The Van der Graff Bow Out"


Happening, Fallowfield


(with Hendrix)


"New group Van der Graf Generator..."
Disc and Music Echo
14th Dec 1968


Article about
the band

Disc and Music Echo 1969

Disc and Music Echo
"After a 'Top Gear' build up like that,
they really can't go wrong"

John Peel

John Peel's
"ABC of Beauty"
Disc and Music Echo
2nd Nov 1968

IT Ad Hugh Banton placed an advert in this 1968 international times. IT Ad
The CD version of "The Aerosol Grey Machine" is accompanied by a booklet containing some very interesting stories by Peter Hammill of the early days of the band - READ IT HERE.
Reference is made in Peter's text to the original album sleevenotes, which are reproduced so tiny on the CD as to render them quite unreadable without a magnifying glass.

See also Caleb Bradley and The Lost Demo Tape and Early Years Pictures.