Batteries Included
(September 2003)
A newly released live CD from Utrecht in Holland, recorded in 1992/3
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Live David Jackson CD with percussionist René van Commenée

Recorded in 1992/3, David strides the boards again, this time without his soundbeam, but with an excellent percussionist, the Dutchman René van Commenée. This time we hear Jackson's sax and double-sax wizardry on show again, given a strong and original drum and cymbal accompaniment which gives the whole thing a rhythmic aggression and urgency sometimes lacking on David's soundbeam recordings.

Included in the concert are two tracks which Van Der Graaf Generator aficionados will recognise, although completely re-arranged by David, to wit Traintime and The Clot Thickens, the latter from the classic VDGG song-cycle A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers in which, somehow, van Commenée manages to play drums, cymbals and organ all at the same time. A damn good arrangement, though, and one which will whet the appetites of all who would like to hear VDGG play it live again.

Although comparisons between René and Guy Evans are odious, they will inevitably be made. The two percussionists are completely different in style - René using less syncopation than Guy and more tom-toms and being generally heavier in style. Buy it yourself and make your own judgements!

- Tim Locke, January 2004

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